Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice...

1. Information we collect from you

A-PLUS SYSTEMS CANADA LTD collects data such as your name, address, fax and telephone number, and email address when:
Place an order online or by phone.
Participate in a survey.
Request to receive email updates or promotions.
Create an account and/or save your information with us online.

2.. What we do with your information

A-PLUS SYSTEMS CANADA LTD is committed to respecting your privacy. All collected data from you is used solely for processing your order, and contacting you with any questions via phone or email. We do not provide this data with any third party or outside individuals for any purposes other than processing and shipping your order.

Additionally, when you create an account with A-PLUS SYSTEMS CANADA LTD and/or make purchases with A-PLUS SYSTEMS CANADA LTD, we may send you information regarding our promotions, products, and services. If you enter your information in response to any of our contests or promotions we will use your personal information (email, phone number, or address) to send you information regarding our other promotions/products/services, unless you opt-out within your Account Preferences

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